Cooperation with Guangdong University of Science and Technology


Shenzhen COSNEW Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to metal wallboard and other new high-tech composite materials and continue to break through innovation. Following the China Intelligent Park Summit and Industry Cooperation and Exchange,COSNEW Technology in April 2017signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Science and Technology College and become the "school-enterprise cooperation base."

Mr. Li Haisheng, general manager of Shenzhen Ming Technology said: "This cooperation is of great significance for the development of COSNEW Technology and will bring our technology to a new height" and introduced: "Guangdong Science and Technology Institute is a high-tech schools, which was established in Dongguan(a city of Guangdong Province), approved by the State Ministry of Education to cultivate high-quality applied talents to adapt to the community as the goal. The school laboratory training room is of area up to 60,000 square meters, with strong research faculty, Provincial Standard PLC Laboratory and the school-level standard CAD / CAM laboratory, electrical laboratory and other electronics, college provincial and municipal research projects have won several awards, and has 8 utility model patents, 1 authorized software, which the school's advanced concept of running a school is very much in line with our domestication science and technology and talent needs. "

The school-enterprise cooperation base of Shenzhen COSNEW Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Institute of Technology is officially listed. Positive impact on both sides.For Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology, which is a mutually beneficial cooperation, COSNEW technology will provide them more job opportunities and exchanges, so that students have more social practice. For COSNEW Technology, school-enterprise cooperation base will provide a solid technical support for COSNEW Technology, cultivating innovative practical talents. With the solid technical support of the school-enterprise cooperation base, COSNEW Technology will greatly enhance the competitive advantage of its products and promote the company's future development. I really hope Shenzhen COSNEW Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Institute of Technology school-enterprise cooperation lasts long-term. It is believed that the vigorous development of high-tech domestically focused domestically will surely be able to reap the fruits of victory and create more new intelligent supporting materials to provide better products in the field of intelligence. It occupies the market share of metal composite materials in the data center of China more consolidated position, more brilliant!

COSNEW Technology Information Office Copywriter: Jia Xiaomei