Compound Metal Wallboard-Cloth

Compound Metal Wallboard-Cloth

Compound Metal Wallboard-Cloth

Product features
Transportation and installation


  • ?PVC-coated Steel Panel (also VCM panel) which is coated by PVC membrane in high temperatue. Both sides of the products are of good performance of anti-arrosion,anti-acid and chemical medicine resistant etc,preventing the steel panel from contacting the water and air.It is an ideal decorative products in modern society.

  • ?Filling:Use world-class brand gypsum board


  • ?Fireproof:Grade A of GB 8624-2012 Classfication for burning behavior of buiding materials and products

  • ?Sound Absorption:Through the national GB / T 19889.3-2005 / ISO140-3: 1995 "acoustic building and building components noise measurement Part 3: laboratory noise measurement of air-conditioned building components" test, weighted sound-proof volume of 45dB.

  • ?Formaldehyde:Refer to the national GB18584-2001 "interior decoration materials wood furniture harmful substances" test formaldehyde emission <0.1mg / L.

  • ?Radioactivity??Meet the national GB 6566-2010 Class A decorative materials requirements, radionuclide limits


  • ?Variety: It can be matched with different patterns in differenrt places.And there are more than one hundred wood patterns & designs and other patterns with modern sense for you to choose.

  • ?Excellent processability:metal sheet and membrane have good ductility,being suitable for shearing off,blending,rolling & forming and punching.

  • ?Dustproof and germ resistance:membrane and metal plate are isolated from air and moisture,with fungus resistant treatment,being the best material for modern decoration.

  • ?Acid and alkali resistance:parent metal has good corrosion proof and acid and alkali proof,therefore it has excellent chemical resistance.

  • ?Flame resisting:PVC high temperature membrane coated steel plate applies unique fireproof PVC membrane which belongs to antifoaming material,with fire retardancy up to Grade A2.

  • ?Durability:membrane and metal sheet have good adherence,being able to stand the rest of of time,surface membrane is very easy in maintenancemwith great economic effect.

  • ?Weathering resistance:membrane can be added with UV formulary to resist ultraviolet radiation,being able to be used outdoor without color change for long time.

  • ?Environmental protection:the product is made of PVC membrane coated steel sheet,with surface convenient for cleaning,scratch resistance,being able to reduce maintenance expense and labor cost,featured with environmental protection and humanization.


Representative Project

Xiamen Eastern South International Shipping Center

  • ?Area:About 6000 Square Kilometres

  • ?Product:COSNEW PVC-coated compound metal wallboard(QM-808 Cloth)

  • ?Application:Corridor of Block A

Image of the wallboard (Installation completed)

Image of the wallboard (Installation completed)

Image of the wallboard (Installation completed)

Image of the wallboard (Installation completed)